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Create a beautiful product configurator without the hassle of custom software, photos and 3d renders.

configurator demo

Electric Boats

Using their technical 3d model as input, the Bold Boating team set up a configurator in a matter of days.

configurator demo

Espresso maker

Using our content management system, the client team was able to customise their configurator styling to their website.

configurator demo


We created this configurator to demonstrate the possibilities of configuring a straight forward product in a variety of colours and frame types.

3 steps

How it works

Using our platform and a 3d model of your product, you'll be able to create a beautiful configurator in 3 easy steps. And if you need help, our team is 1 message away.

Prepare 3d

Create a 3d model of your product or prepare an existing one

Set up

Click together your configurator using the Konfig CMS


Add your new configurator to your website





Easy to integrate

Adding a configurator to your website is as simple as adding an iframe. And we have boiler plate integrations for Webflow, Wordpress and Shopify, with many others on the way.


Trusted by product companies

“Compared to other configurator platforms, the Konfig team keeps things easy, transparent & fast. Based on our existing (technical) 3d model, we created a proof of concept in 1 week!”

Floris Röling

Founder at Bold Boating


And by agencies

“As a 3d agency, we've wanted to offer online product configurators to clients for some time. Using the Konfig platform, we can set up configurators for clients FAST.”

Portrait Dennis Dooijeweert

Dennis van Dooijeweert

Founder at Renderfabriek

"We used to develop configurators for clients using custom software and 3d renders. This often proved complex, time-consuming and expensive. Konfig is 10x better.”

Portrait Wes Botman

Wesley Botman

Founder at Builder Studios

"Our design agency works primarily for automative. Compared to mainstream software for automative configurators (e.g. Unreal), we're finding Konfig to be much simpler and faster to use."

Portrait Giulio Tartaglia

Giulio Tartaglia

Founder at Futura22


Frequently asked questions.

What if I don't have a 3d model of my product yet?

How do I know if our product is suitable for a configurator?

How does a 'proof of concept' work?

What are the costs?

Will I be able to maintain the configurator myself?

How do we integrate a configurator into our website?

Now what?

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